Road trips, get-togethers, summer nights — Music is always better when we listen together. Memories are created and the songs and artists become synonymous with them. We’ve been missing that in the streaming world. Until now.

Listen Together is a concept for collaborative listening in Spotify by Mike Battaglia.
Product Principles
Music is always better together. Now you can browse through what your friends are listening to, tune in with a tap, and jam together in real time.
There could be others listening with you, and they have favorites too! Discover new music from other listeners adding to the queue, and react to songs you like.
Tune in to a debut release, or listen in on a famous personality’s mix. Artists and influencers have a stronger platform with Listen Together.
Tune into what others are jamming to
Browse through what your friends are currently listening to. Someone jamming to your favorite classic? Listen in with them with just a tap. Experience listening together to the music you love with your friends, in real time.
Bond over the songs you all love
Share your emotions when you're jamming out. React in real time to the song. All those expressions we have when we are together are now in Spotify.
Jam with some of your favorite artists
What could better than listening to your favorite artist? Maybe listening to them, with them! Tune in and jam with bands, artists, influencers, and more of your favorite personalities.
Listen Together is a project by Mike Battaglia.
It was created because of his love of music and creating experiences that bring us closer.
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