Mirror Embeds
2023 ∙ Product designer & DRI
It’s important for Mirror to stay up to date with the NFT ecosystem, and providing the right support to creators as the space changes and evolves.

With Mirror being the home for web3 projects and publications, we noticed behaviors with users externally linking to their mint campaigns. This takes users out of Mirror and into an entirely new, jarring minting experience.
Users are unable to use Mirror to compose NFTs across Ethereum, diminishing opportunities for unique minting strategies across the ecosystem, and “locking out” chances for native retention and engagement on the platform.
I collaborated with engineers, protocol, and leadership to introduce "NFT Embeds". This new feature allows creators to embed NFTs from anywhere across the Ethereum blockchain directly into their published entry for readers to mint and purchase.
Mobile GIF
With the launch of NFT embeds, we introduced:
Creation is as easy as pasting the URL in your editor, or adding custom details for specific tokens in collections.
Minting experiences on mobile can be messy sometimes, and with all these embedded experiences it’s important to optimize for the most feasible checkout possible.
Embeds should work with writing NFTs, as well as subscriber NFTs. This is an opportunity to unify our design system and keep consistent language for embeds across the platform.
Embeds encouraged curation –– Spotlight started a series highlighting their favorite NFTs, and a place for their audience to collect directly within their entries.

Interface, a social activity feed for web3, started utilizing embeds promoting their new features.

Coinbase's Base announced their collaboration with Optimism on Mirror with an exclusive NFT embedded in their announcement. They received over 200k+ mints.

You can experience NFT embeds for yourself by visiting Mirror and creating an entry.