Mirror Writing NFTs
2022 ∙ Product designer
As a creator on Mirror you might find yourself publishing content across different social channels to reach and engage your audience. Amidst this fragmented content ecosystem, you're constantly seeking new ways to monetize your work and build deeper connections with your most passionate fans.
Creators need new ways to turn their writing into valuable, on-chain assets that can generate revenue. Traditional publishing models and monetization methods often fall short, leaving creators without effective tools to earn from their work and an opportunity to take advantage of with web3.
The 'Writing NFTs' feature on Mirror allows creators to turn their written content into unique, on-chain collectibles. Creators can mint their writing as NFTs, set the supply and price, and give themselves a new way to earn revenue for their work.
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With the launch of Writing NFTs, you can now:
User research was conducted to understand how creators wanted to leverage NFTs in their publishing workflow. This informed the design of a streamlined minting flow integrated directly into the editor’s publishing experience.
On the reader surface, collecting should be simple and familiar as an “exit though the gift shop” experience.
When you collect a writing NFT, a representation of the entry is made into an artifiact and stored in your wallet forever, on-chain.
Since launching, Mirror has seen tremendous adoption from the web3 community, as well as new creators. Many have used the tool to mint their most popular articles, essays, and unlocked revenue streams for deeper audience engagement.

You can experience writing NFTs for yourself by visiting Mirror.